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ICDL Digital Student – ICDL-ATC

ICDL Digital Student

To date, over 16,000,000 people have engaged with ICDL, and thousands of schools, colleges and universities have adopted ICDL to build and certify their students’ digital skills.

Why are digital skills important?

In both our private lives, and our working lives, technology is already indispensable. There are few, if any, jobs that don’t need some level of computer use, and government and commercial services, like tax, unemployment, insurance, or health-care, are increasingly online.

Does certification matter?

There are lots of ways to learn how to use a computer, but research done by partners of ICDL Foundation shows that proving acquired skills with certification is key to truly equipping people with useful competences.

Digital skills to design and develop, share and protect.

ICDL is the world’s leading digital skills certification, which helps people to develop and certify their skills in using a computer. Consisting of a number of modules, with the flexibility for teachers to choose the topics that meet the needs of their students, ICDL is an ideal way for schools to help develop their students’ digital skills.


ICDL is mapped to national qualifications frameworks in several countries worldwide. Qualifications frameworks make it easy to compare qualifications and certifications from different countries with each other. Across Africa, thousands of schools have adopted ICDL to certify the digital skills of their students and staff. Using the flexibility of the ICDL Profile structure, schools can choose the modules that help build the skills their students need the most.

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Digital skills for employability and productivity


Digital skills to design and develop, share and protect


Digital skills for occupational effectiveness


Digital skills to access, engage and build computer confidence

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